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Trip this year to our twin town by the rhine, Friday, September 7, to Monday, 10

This turned out to be an excellent event although under the shadow of Brexit. As usual, our Neuwied friends were kindness itself. And we met the new Oberbürgermeister Jan Einig and his deputy Michael Mang throughout the weekend.

Those travelling by our coach to Neuwied set off at the unearthly time of 6am. The really stunning part of our departure through Eurotunnel was watching how our driver Steve guided his very modern and very long coach into one of the carriages. Yet we didn't incur a scratch. And Steve drove his giant coach through even more challenges during the visit.

On the Satruday morning we attended a ceremony at the Bootshaus (Boathouse) on the River Rhine. It soon impressed us just how excellent a successor Jan was to the late Nikolaus Roth, although of different parties. He spoke clearly on how he would not let Brexit destroy our relationship built up over the years.

Our Mayor Kim Botting was her usual energetic self, especially when another piece of Bromleyana was added by the Neuwieders to their collection. This time it was in the form of a London bus stop. That follows on the red pillar box in the town centre, the red telephone kiosk – now a miniature street library - and a road sign cheerfully telling us it's 641 kilometres to Bromley.

Our Chairman Peter Brown also gave his views. The Bromley Town Twinning Association is, of course, neutral ln party poiitics, but that doesn't stop people giving their own personal views. And Peter, who has devoted a large part of his life to the BTTA, spoke from the heart in both English and German.

He told his audience: “For reasons which I personally deeply regret, as do many people, our country is in a very strange and uncomfortable position in Europe – an important member of a very successful union of nation states but yet wanting to cut ourselves off from this union and sever vital trading links, without being able to define what our future relationship will be with a group of countries with whom we have a vast array of historical, cultural and economic connections.

“I like to think that, even if only in a small way, gatherings such as this can help to maintain those essential connections. Let us think of ourselves as a symbol of friendship and future co-operation.”

Then it was off to see the historical Sayner Hutte Ironworks and go on to the butterfly farm in Bendorf, returning to Neuwied at 4pm. Just two hours more, at 6pm, came a presentation of the Bromley Shield of Honour to Tennis-Club Neuwied at their clubhouse in Niederbieber, followed by an informal evening with entertainment. The honour was to mark the excellent part the tenns club has played in twinning, along with the Park Langley Club.

On Sunday, came the most spectacular event of the long weekend. We cruised down the Rhine to the famous Loreley rock, the purported lair of the golden-haired maiden who sent the river's boatmen to their deaths through an enchanted melody.

We all survived.

There are, of course, many other historic places along this stretch of the Rhine, which makes our twinning with Neuwied so eventful. For us visitors, the Freundeskreis laid on a banquet meal on the boat. And so another biennial trip passed superbly well. Thank you Freundeskreis.

And just to emphasise as always – the Bromley Town Twinning Association is independent of Bromley Council and we finance ourselves almost entirely by our own voluntary fundraising. Members dug deep into their own pockets to go to Neuwied.

Report on Annual General Meeting, Tuesday, March 13, Bromley Civic Centre

The Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Kathy Bance MBE, chaired the meeting. She said that when she became Mayor she had known only a little about the twinning, but then came the sudden death of Nikolaus Roth, Lord Mayor of Neuwied, and she attended his funeral on behalf of the London Borough of Bromley.  She was given a warm welcome and taken on a whistle-stop tour of Neuwied.  She later received an invitation to the installation of the new Lord Mayor, Jan Einig, and attended on behalf of the Borough. Once again she was impressed by the hospitality and welcome she received.

She thought that Neuwied was a beautiful town and she expressed the hope that the partnership would continue to grow during the next 30 years. Mr Einig had suggested that there should be greater interaction with Bromley and more exchanges. One thought she offered was that Neuwied has a golf course/club and she wondered whether there was the possibility of a partnership with one of the many golf clubs in Bromley – how about a possible golf match in Neuwied next year?

Chairman Peter Brown reported on a good 30th anniversary year, with the highlights being the September visit by the group from the Neuwied association, of which the main events were the Sunday outing to the Kentish countryside (Chapel Down vineyard, Tenterden, and steam railway to Bodiam with cream tea), a concert given by BYMT Adult Choir in memory of the late Lord Mayor of Neuwied Nikolaus Roth, and the Gala Dinner.

He paid tribute to the work of Peggie Bensaid over many years. Peggie had now stepped down from the committee and the meeting agreed unanimously that she be granted Honorary Life Membership.

The Chairman also paid tribute to Peter Woods, retiring Vice-Chairman, for his many years of service as Mayor, Councillor, committee member and Vice-Chairman.

He thanked committee members for their support, and Richard Redden for his work on our newsletter and website, in particular for the special 30th anniversary edition of the newsletter. He concluded by stressing the continuing needs to be addressed – to maintain contact with schools, to recruit new members whilst reducing our age profile, and to raise public awareness about us.    

Treasurer Arthur Wilkinson presented the accounts for 2017. He reported that there was a deficit in 2017 of £1,759.87 compared to a revenue surplus of £2,698.49 in 2016.  The balance of funds at the bank reduced during the year from £5,292.96 to £3,765.32.  This was consistent with the cyclical nature of the Association's accounts.  We entertained our Neuwied friends in Bromley in 2017 and the net cost of the visit was within the £3,000 budget which was the committee's estimate. In 2018, with Bromley visiting Neuwied and a programme of fund-raising events in prospect, a return to surplus can be expected.

Membership secretary Jane Beckley reported that current paid-up membership totalled 65, made up of 36 single, 28 family, 1 group, plus 5 honorary life members, but should increase to 80 once all outstanding subscriptions had been received.

The following were elected with no other nominations:

Peter Brown, Chairman; Jane Beckley, Vice-Chairman; Secretary, Helen Gibbons; Treasurer, Arthur Wilkinson.

Management Committee members: Ruth Bennett, Sheila Brown, Norma Classen, Jane Harding, Julia Knox, David Noble; Ralph Skelton, Joe Weiss.

Council Members currently nominated to serve on the Management Committee are Councillor Ruth Bennett, Councillor Kim Botting and Councillor Mary Cooke. Mrs Bennett will be standing down from the council in the forthcoming local elections in May.                                                                                                                                        



Pictures of the 2017 30th Anniversary trip from Neuwied


The Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Kathy Bance MBE, welcomes the Neuwieders on the first morning of the visit


Jo Hofmann, chairman of the Freundeskreis, with BTTA committee member Sheila Brown (centre) and Kate Elliott, one of the BTTA founders


A rainy day at the Chapel Down vineyard


....but there were compensations in the wine tasting

Freundeskreis committee member Edith Ehlen with her husband Dieter at the closing Gala Dinner at the Bromley Court Hotel

Wine tasting

Jo Hofmann addresses the Gala Dinner