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The anniversary trip from Neuwied took place from April 4 to 7. A gala dinner was held at The Chateau restaurant in Croydon and a reception was laid on at Bromley Civic Centre. Visits were made to Westerham and Chartwell – a symbol of the reconciliation of our two nations. The anniversary visit coincided with a joint concert by the Bromley Youth Music Trust and Neuwied choirs.


Pictures of the 2013 25th Anniversary trip from Neuwied

Langley music

Handel's Messiah is performed by choirs of the two towns and Bromley Youth Sinfonia at the new Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts Langley Music TwoThe tremendous three hour performance comes to an end

Chateau dinner

The gala dinner at The Chateau restaurant to mark the 25th anniversary

Round table

Flags fly at the dinner. Organisers Tessa and Barry Cogdell are on left


Gala balloons in the colours of the Bundesrepublik marked the occasion


Tessa Cogdell receives a well-deserved gift for her organisation with
husband Barry (looking up) of the gala dinner

Founder chairman

Ken Paterson, the Founder Chairman of the BTTA, pictured left, during the evening at The Chateau, also attended the Civic Reception

Inge with Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ian Payne, in conversation at the dinner with Freundeskreis Neuwied-Bromley chairwoman Inge Gütler

Mayors assistant

BTTA member Kim Burns joins in the evening's flag waving – Kim is also the mayor's assistant and a popular figure in town twinning

Lilians present

Lilian Clarke receives a present for her work in preparing a guide
pack for our visitors from Neuwied – entirely in German

Smiling together

The two chairpeople - Inge Gütler of the Neuwied-Bromley Freundeskreis and Peter Brown of the Bromley Town Twinning Association - in happy mood


Cold day, warm friendship. Christiane Fischer of the Freundeskreis and
Susan Redden of the BTTA at Chartwell on a chilly Saturday

Westerham pub

After Chartwell, lunch in The Grasshopper pub at Westerham for Freundeskreis and BTTA friends – plus a rendition of the Lorelei song

Music conductor

The conductor of the Langley Park performance of Handel's Messiah,
Simon Sundermann, meets Neuwieders after the event

Cray Wanderers

BTTA members Lynne Noble (left) and David Noble (right) at the Civic Reception for our Neuwied guests, with Gary Hillman, chairman of Cray Wanderers (second left), the second oldest football club in the world, and
club secretary Kerry Phillips (third left). Wanderers will play a post season friendly in May in Germany against the Neuwied district team FV Engers


Friedhelm Erneth and Christiane Fischer of the Freundeskreis
Neuwied-Bromley at the Civic Reception

Deputy Major

The Deputy Major of Bromley, Ian Payne, and BTTA
Founder Chairman Ken Paterson at the Civic Reception



World's Second Oldest team go down 5-2 in Engers

Congratulations to FV Engers on winning our first ever town twinning football match. The Neuwied district club won 5-2 against Bromley Borough's Cray Wanderers and are the recipients of a splendid new trophy. Below, the trophy is presented by the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Ernest Noad, left, to the Engers club, on his official trip to Neuwied.Mayor cup

FV Engers had finished their competitive season with a long run of wins that secured their local league championship and promotion to the sixth tier of German football. And their winning form was continued in this friendly at the attractive Stadion am Wasserturm (Water Tower Stadium). They were well-organised defensively and played with confidence and energy.

They were 3-1 up at half-time and then went ahead 5-1 in the second half before Cray Wanderers scored a late penalty.

Chris Saunders scored Cray's first half goal, making the score 1-1, and Michael Power converted the penalty.

The Cray team was G. Hall, M. Pooley, T. Sterling, A. Day, B. Burgess, J. Fray, D. Phillips, C. Saunders, L. Bremner, M. Power, J. Clark. Subs: T. Whitnell, I. Jenkins, G. Abbott, J. Goringe, C. Hall.Twinning cup

Our special thanks to the management and teams of "The Wands" and FV Engers for making the game happen.

FV Engers laid on an excellent barbecue after the game for the players and officials of both clubs, as well as Cray's German hosts from our sister organisation Freundeskreis Bromley-Neuwied.

We hope the good relations between the two teams continue and, of course, whatever the result, Cray Wanderers have one world football distinction no-one can ever take away from them – of being the joint second oldest club in the world.

Neuwied football game The setting-up of match resulted from hard work by both the Freundeskreis Neuwied-Bromley and our committee member David Noble.

The Wands have a distinguished history. They have won the Kent Amateur Cup four times and been champions of several leagues in which they have played. Currently, The Wands are playing at their highest ever level in the Ryman Isthmian League Premier Division.

And who are the world's oldest team? Well they are Sheffield FC (not to be confused with Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday), founded in 1857. And who are the joint second oldest team? That's another Sheffield club, Hallam, also founded in 1860.

Pictured above are the new trophy and the teams together at Engers, Cray in orange.


Bromley Shield of Honour

The Bromley Shield of Honour is presented annually to individuals or organisations who have made a significant contribution to the twinning of our two towns over the past year. This time the Shield has been awarded to the Wiedperlen ladies choir from Neuwied who have formed a successful partnership with the Newstead Singers ladies choir from Orpington and have twice visited the borough to perform as well as hosting the Newstead Singers in Neuwied.


Sunshine at last for our summer garden party

How different it was to the previous year when we had to postpone our Summer Garden Party because of the continuous rain, day by day and week by week.Garden Party

This time it took place in glorious sunshine at the end of a very hot July and the portable canopies were needed not to save us from the rain but to give us welcome shade from the sun as the picture shows.

The party was hosted by our vice chairman Derek Woods and his wife Barbara at their home in Petts Wood. Our thanks go to them for their hospitality for this successful event.

Some 46 members attended which was impressive as the event was just at the start of the summer holiday getaway season.


Annual lecture, The future of germany under Angela Merkel

“Mutti” will take care of us. That was the theme of the annual lecture on October 16 of the Bromley Town Twinning Association given by a leading German journalist based in London, Werner Sabiers, on life in Germany.

Annual lectureMutti is the German for “Mummy” and that was why the Germans had voted for Angela Merkel as they believed she represented safety and security even though her conservative Party (CDU/CSU) did not win an absolute majority and may go into a grand coalition with the labour party (SPD), he said.

Germany with a 30 per cent share in world trade was only behind one country, China. The reason for German success even in a recession was its strong technical education system and its quality of product – particularly in advanced engineering – he told the meeting which was attended by 40 people.

Werner Sabiers is pictured left, with Peter Brown, Chairman of the BTTA, at the lecture at Bromley Baptist Church


Elgar and Vaughan willliams from Neuwied young Musicians

Young musicians from both Neuwied and Bromley performed an impressive concert at the Langley Park Centre For The Performing Arts on Sunday, October 6. The musicians of the Junge Philharmonie Neuwied travelled from Germany to take part and to see Bromley. Andreas WeisBYMT logo

Among the selection of music were works from Sir Edward Elgar, Vaughan Williams, and a selection from the musical My Fair Lady. Seen here is Andreas Weis, conductor of the Junge Philharmonie Neuwied.

Among the audience were the Mayor of Bromley, Ernest Noad, and the Oberbürgermeister of Neuwied, Nikolaus Roth, below. Left to right, Mike Purton, Principal, Bromley Youth Music Trust; Mayoress of Bromley, Diane Noad; the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Ernest Noad; Oberbürgermeister of Neuwied, Nikolaus Roth; Frau Agnes Roth; Sheila Brown, committee member, Bromley Town Twinning Association (BTTA) and Peter Brown, chairman, BTTA.

The event was organised by the Bromley Youth Music Trust and the trust's adult choir also took part alongside the young musicians.

The Langley Park Centre is part of the new Langley School for Boys complex and is just off South Eden Park Road, Eden Park.Mayors

For further details of the music trust and the Langley Park Centre go to the BYMT website by clicking here BYMT website. Or access it directly at

We also received an appreciative note from Friedhelm, Franziska, Gabi, and Jürgen Erneth of the Freundeskreis Neuwied-Bromley, who were making their second trip this year to the Langley Park Centre:

Dear friends from Bromley,

Once again we had a wonderful time in our twin town and experienced overwhelming hospitality again in Bromley. We were delighted to attend a second magnificent concert at the Performance Hall of Langley Park Boys School within a six-month period.

After the brilliant combined Messiah-Concert in April we were very impressed
by the excellent performance of the BYMT Young Musicians & Junge Philharmonie Neuwied as well as the BYMT Adult Choir. We appreciated it very much having been welcomed as friends in the lounge by the BYMT
– especially by Principal Michael Purton, Simon Sundermann and Jonathan Josephs.

After the concert it was a great pleasure for us to spend some time together with the musicians, Mayor Ernest Noad , Oberbürgermeister Nikolaus Roth and other friends of our Town Twinning at the Social Club near the Langley Park Centre, where we enjoyed a very pleasant party.

A lot of thanks to Peter and Sheila Brown as well as to Charles and Maria Ault
who invited us to the “Bo Peep” in Orpington where we spent a wonderful

It was a great pleasure for us all to meet so many friends again and we’re looking forward to seeing them again in Bromley and Neuwied.

Thanks a lot!


Relaxing at the Bo-Peep in Chelsfield, from left, Jürgen Gelking, Sheila Brown, Maria Ault, Franziska Ernerth, Gabi Gelking, and Friedhelm Ernerth


friendly Tennis together

Tennis Club Neuwied came to Park Langley to play a return match with The Parklangley tennis club on Saturday, September 28. Parklangley won by 8 to 4. Those games were friendly enough but then the two clubs "mixed up" so that Neuwied players partnered with Parklangley players to provide a really informal and pleasurable end to the afternoon.

Tennis scene

Any one for tennis? – the TC Neuwied and Langley players get together

Tennis quartet

Picture from left: Lily Krafczyk (TC Neuwied), Petra Herbst (TC Neuwied), Zena Wisdom (Parklangley club), Gill Dawson (Parklangley club) in the post-tournament "friendly" section of the afternoon

Mayor captain

Presentation time: from left to right, TC Neuwied captain Urs Baumgartner, Peter Brown, BTTA chairman, Mayor's assistant Kim Burns, the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Ernest Noad

Tennis group

Great to be here: The TC Neuwied party outside the Bromley Court Hotel with their hosts

Tennis beer

Fortunately the Parklangley club serves real ale to the same high standard as German beers. TC Neuwied captain Urs Baumgartner, left, enjoys a pint of Bombardier from the Wells & Young brewery in Bedford, with BTTA treasurer Arthur Wilkinson.

Relaxing in the Parklangley clubhouse: Stephan Weland and Gisela Arend from TC Neuwied

All smiles

Finding it all fun: Wulf Jordan (left) and David Baum, both from TC Neuwied


Eligius Konsek, left, and Dorota Konsek relaxing in the clubhouse after the day's tennis. Dorota in April was one of the Freundeskreis Neuwied-Bromley members who visited Chartwell during the Town Twinning 25th Anniversary trip to Bromley.

BTTA visit to Karneval 2013

Two committee members of Bromley Town Twinning Association went out in February 2013 to enjoy the delights of Karneval – David Noble with his wife Lynne, and Richard Redden with his wife Sue.

David is an expert in Karneval and brings troupes over to England as he was very prominent in the former Bromley Carnival. Richard, our newsletter and website editor, had seen Karneval before in Mainz but wanted to experience it too in Neuwied. He and Sue were amazed by the warmth of the welcome and the number of events.

On Wieberfastnacht – the women's carnival night on the Thursday before Rosenmontag – the BTTA group were invited as special guests to the Mohnen ("Old Ladies") of Block Karneval Party (Block is one of the districts in Neuwied). On the Friday, the Oberbürgermeister invited the group to the town's special party for senior VIP Karnevalists (the Presidents and Prinzenteams of all the main Neuwied carnival groups) and on the Saturday the group enjoyed more carnival entertainment at the Schwarzen Ganoven party. Even David enriched his already great "insider knowledge" of Karneval in the Rhineland. It was hospitality on a grand scale.
The highlight was the parade on Rosenmontag and the colourful spectacle and variety of carnival floats, carnival dancers, bands and walkers, most in costume, who had come from around the whole of the Neuwied area.

The other main event the BTTA group witnessed was the mock capture of the Oberbürgermeister Nikolaus Roth on the Saturday as rival sets of guards fought a mock battle complete with cannon. The Ehrengarde (Guard of Honour), defending the Oberbürgermeister and the Town Hall, was overwhelmed by Karnevalists led by the foot soldiers of the KG Funken Rot-Weiss and the KG Ringnarren Karneval groups. After the surrender and handover of the town keys to the Karneval Prince, the Oberbürgermeister was taken away in a prison wagon to await his "trial". He was rumoured to have alighted, however, at a riverside restaurant for further celebration of Karneval. And the Bromley group were left to reflect on how the Ehrengarde get defeated every year – alas they're never allowed to win.

See our Karneval/Carnival page for photos of the 2013 visiit


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