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Pictures of a year in town twinning

The year 2007







Neuwied book













Evening meal






The twentieth anniversary of the twinning of Neuwied and Bromley. Left is Neuwied's Golden Book on our twinning with the signature of the Mayor of Bromley, Charles Joel, to mark the anniversary











Roman villa


The two mayors raise a toast at a festive evening in the Weinstube Mohr. The Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Charles Joel, is to the left of his counterpart the late Nikolaus Roth. Left is the Mayoress of Bromley, Margeret Joel, and fourth right, Frau Roth, wife of Oberb├╝rgermeister Roth


















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Sunday supper
Left is the Deputy Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Brenda Thompson who gave an official welcome in German during the twentieth anniversary visit by the Freundeskreis. Above, Councillors Ruth and Nicholas Bennett lay on a traditional British Sunday dinner at their home for guests from Neuwied
Kings College
Neuwieders visit the Crofton Roman Villa at Orpington, above. The Bromley association also took our visitors to Cambridge and they are seen outside King's College, left



Deputy Mayor
Display board
The friendship explained in an exhibition board at Neuwied for the twentieth anniversary
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